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%%center ''This WebSite focuses on the programming interfaces of eC-messenger. The target audience are developers, \\working on integrating their systems with our E-Mail Marketing suite.'' %%

 Note that this site may have some missing or incomplete topics. Check [here|index#RecentChanges] for latest changes. Known missing items:\\
* The following pages have to be completed:
 [XmlEncoding] [SoapWithAttachments]
* The following pages  are missed completely yet

Some Information may be related to a specific software revision, in which case this is stated there.

Finally: if you feel that something is missing, dont hesitate to contact us!

! eC-messenger

eCircle offers a wide range of interfacing options to [eC-messenger|]. If you are not yet familiar with our core product, please read [5 Minutes eC-messenger|EcmessengerIn5Minutes] first. \\
In order to access eC-messenger functionality, you need a system and an account to work with. PLS [contact us|] if necessary. You'll be given somebody to talk to while you are working on your project too.

As there are many options to interact with eC-Messenger, there are some [Guidelines|InterfaceOptionsComparison] that you can use to decide on an optimal solution.

!  Programming Interfaces

;[SOAP/HTTP RPC Interface|SynchronousSoapAPI] (aka Synchronous API): This Interface offers a range of Methods to manipulate Recipients, Messages and Recipient Groups within eC-messenger. See the available methods in [javadoc|] or [soapdoc|] style.

;[XML Job-Interface|AsynchronousAPI] (aka Asynchronous API): Within a ''Job'' you may encapsulate a rich set of tasks to be executed in sequence on our side. As this may include complext and time consuming operations, this API responds ''asynchronous'' to your requests, preferably to your own SOAP Webservice.

;[HTTP REST Interface|]:This Interface offers a set of methods using the classic [REST|] approach. While this API is continued to be maintained by eCircle, we recommend the XML based interfaces listed above, as it offers more syntactical strenght and clarity. This Documentation is not part of this Wiki.

;[XML Notifications|XMLNotifications]:Such notifications are sent on specific events within eC-messenger. This article describes the exact XML and how to specify the target address, where these notifications should be sent to.

;[XML Reports]:Predefined reports may be scheduled to be send to a target address periodically or on special events, triggered by eC-messengers so-called event-engine.

! Other Interfaces

; Scheduled Data I/O:eC-Messenger offers a wide range of Data-Import and Data-Export features, that should be considered especially if massive data is to be exchanged. A data exchange task can be composed from different transport options (FTP, HTTP(s)), different record parsers (XML, CSV, fixed-length) and Transformators (XML/XSLT, CSV-CSV). It can target recipient data, group properties or black list records (import). It can fetch from recipient data, bounce information, or tracking results. A finished Data I/O task may trigger further activities in eC-Messenger, such as a message sendout. I/O Tasks may be chained, e.g. to combine a data export with an subsequent data import.

; Scheduled JDBC I/O: With that option we may access a remote database directly. Such a scheduled task may be composed from a series of SQL queries that import or export data from/to eC-Messenger. All Database types that have a Java/JDBC driver available can be accessed ([Details|JdbcIoToEcmessenger]).

; HTTP/HTML User Interface: While primarily made for umans to interact wih eC-Messenger, we occational use its sophisticated modular system to iplement very specific REST/XML or HTML interactions.

;Event-Rules: We list this here, because it may well allow you to fulfill simple automations in using chained events. Event-Rules combine Triggers with Recipient Selections and Action handlers. eC-Messengers handbook has more about this.
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